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Modus Vivendi Underwear: Bon Bon Line. Christos Artemiou Model





Desde el paraíso de Santorini  ( Grecia) la presentación de la nueva línea de ropa interior masculina, de la prestigiosa y siempre fantástica firma griega, Modus Vivendi Underwear, y sus nuevas propuestas bajo la línea denominada Bon Bon Line. Con un excelente diseño y una calidad fantástica, estos fantásticos briefs ( en doce colores y fabricados en terciopelo italiano) que nos muestra con todo su atractivo el apuesto modelo Christos Artemiou. Con imágenes del fotógrafo Nikos Papadopoulos, la sensualidad y la seducción masculina de Christos Artemiou, en esta colección para disfrutar este verano 2015. Briefs, con Bon Bon Line y Modus Vivendi. El verano con excelente diseño.

Greek mens underwear and swimwear brand Modus Vivendi releases the new campaign images for their best selling underwear line of Bon Bon Briefs. The line was first introduced last year and became an instant best seller among the brand’s underwear collections. By popular demand the line has been expanded to include more colours. You can now find these uniquely designed super low cut brief with the enhancing back in twelve colours, all made from a high quality, Italian velvet!

The campaign itself marks the expansion of this range along with the addition of the Pain mini briefs to it, one more super low cut and extremely sexy brief. Photographed on location in Santorini by charismatic photographer Nikos Papadopoulos, this campaign, features model Christos Artemiou posing in the newest colours of the Bon Bon Line.

Modus Vivendi: The Classic Swimwear Line






Postales desde Santorini ( Grecia) con el atractivo irresistible del modelo Christos Artemiou, en esta fantástica nueva línea de bañadores para el hombre de la prestigiosa firma griega Modus Vivendi. The Classic Swimwear Line, con la siempre calidad y el brillante diseño de Modus Vivendi, para adentrarse con mucha pasión y deseo, en este verano 2015. Con fotos de Nikos Papadopoulos, la sensualidad de esta espectacular colección.

Summer is just around the corner and Modus Vivendi is proud to release more of its new swimwear collection for 2015. Classic style never goes out of fashion and bearing this in mind the Greek brand couldn’t resist including a range of classic swimbriefs and swimtrunks.
Perfectly shaped and made from the finest, quick-drying, high quality fabric, the new briefs and brazil cut trunks come in six colours to suit every taste. Discreet logos, drawcords with metal tips and special linings make these swimmers comfortable and easy to wear.

The Classic Swimwear Line: Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi: Mondrian Swimwear 2015





Primeras imágenes de una de las colecciones que van ser todo un referente indispensable en este verano 2015. La calidad y el prestigio de la firma griega Modus Vivendi, en esta espectacular colección de bañadores para el hombre “Mondrian Line” Desde el paraíso de Santorini ( Grecia) y en tributo al gran pintor holandés Mondrian, esta fascinante línea de moda de baño con esos colores característicos de Mondrian: rojo, amarillo, azul y negro. Bellas propuestas con el atractivo modelo Christos Artemiou, en impactantes imágenes del fotógrafo Nikos Papadopoulos. Un verano con mucho color con las innovadoras y sugerentes propuestas de baño con la siempre excitante y atractiva firma griega, Modus Vivendi.

Modus Vivendi is proud to announce the launch of its 2015 swimwear campaign. Over the last six months, the brand has presented a multi‑faceted campaign with new collections and handsome models being shot in breathtaking locations all around the world. This last part of the series presents a collection that will be released over the coming weeks and takes us on a visual trip back to the home of Modus Vivendi: Greece. Santorini is definitely one of the most beautiful of the Greek islands, and it is here that photographer Nikos Papadopoulos chose to shoot the new swimwear collection, taking advantage of the spectacular views over the renowned caldera.
We start this new mini series of campaigns with the Mondrian Line. A real gem in the new Modus Vivendi collection, the Mondrian Line swimwear is handcrafted and meticulously made with the finest materials. Blue, red and yellow are combined with irreproachable taste with white or black, taking the colour block fashion trend to a new level. The line is inspired by the work of the great painter Mondrian and comprises two distinctive cuts (briefs and brazil cut trunks) each in two colour combinations. Art meets fashion in these vibrant, unique and timeless designs.