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Leather Line: Modus Vivendi Underwear







Siempre la calidad y el excelente diseño de la firma griega Modus Vivendi, innovando y dando cabida a las mejores propuestas en moda masculina, con la genialidad de Christos Bibitsos. En esta ocasión con esta fantástica línea denominada “Leather Line” Sensacionales diseños para disfrutar de esta primavera. Y además, con una magnífica noticia para adquirir la gran variedad de productos de esta firma ( más de 150) con un descuento del 70 por cien. No hay que hacer un gran esfuerzo para tener la mejor ropa interior, ropa deportiva y moda en bañadores con los
Descuentos Modus Vivendi. Modus Vivendi: Killer Prices!!

The first is a new line we have introduced last week called “Leather Line”. The name refers to the Leather Flag the colours of which sparked the inspiration to Christos Bibitsos to create this line. The line comprises underwear (briefs, boxers and jocks) and athletic wear (sweat shorts, tank top and henley shirt). The colours: blue, black and a touch of red! The underwear are a natural continuation of the already best selling Bear line with the Boost Briefs, boxers and jocks in new colours. The Athletic wear matched the underwear and are items that you can wear at the gym as well as pretty much everywhere.
Second, something that happens not very often at Modus Vivendi is that we have items on sale! There is a special section on our website with items up to 70% off! All these items are discontinued which means once they are gone they are gone. I have attached the promo artwork for the sales. In this section you can find underwear, swimwear, athletic wear, loungewear and accessories. There are more than 150 (!) items there to choose from: Discount Line