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Kyle Clarke: Campaña Lasc por Bradford Rogne

Extraordinaria la nueva campaña para esta primavera 2010, de la firma de ropa para hombres Lasc, con estas excitantes fotografías deportivas de un sugerente y sensual modelo llamado Kyle Clarke por Bradford Rogne, con video incluido. Músculos y deporte con Kyle Clarke.

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Jessie James

Kyle Clarke is very unprofessional. He loves picking on people and backstabbing them on his FaceBook page! He looks handsome and lovely until you meet him in person, he insults so many people in his FaceBook and Twitter pages. I stopped being a fan of this guy after his racist and disrespectful remarks online!

NExt please

This guy named Kyle Clarke is a certified douchebag. He posts photos of people who add him on FaceBook and make fun of them in the wall photo comments by putting the title “Annoyance of the Day”. He thinks they are annoying for adding him when it’s him who should stop being a self-absorbed “diva” in FaceBook. He’s totally not worth it! Very arrogant and he thinks the whole world is in love with him! He makes fun of his “stranger” friends in FaceBook. Totally disrespectful!

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