Burbujas de Deseo

Castro: Sexy Macho. Rick Day Photo

Castro+Sexy+Rick+Day+Burbujas+De+Deseo+01 514x700 Castro: Sexy Macho. Rick Day Photo

Se llama Castro y es el último modelo que presenta el magnífico fotógrafo Rick Day, en estos sensacionales “castings”  Esperemos que hayan más fotos de este apuesto y escultural Castro. Virilidad  y con un erotismo en la piel que embriaga y facina. Irresistible “macho” latino con…Castro.

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Someone on another board kindly identified him for me. It is young bodybuilder Raciel Castro. Tons of pics out there but this is the first and only image from Rick Day apparently. Please don’t hesitate to post more if you find them. Thanks for the this one! Easily the hottest image I’ve seen in awhile. And that is saying a lot what with all the great pics you find day after day!

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